Your Funds - Always with you

Handing your money over to another party for safe keeping is a big deal. Especially, when these funds maybe your life's work. What happens when you do this? Where is your money heading and who has rights of ownership?


At Earnslaw Goodlight all our customers operate under a Custodial Account. This is an account established in your name and regulated by the Financial Advice industry including the Financial Markets Authority.

Why is this important?

Because at all times your funds are in your name, they never leave you, and the Customer always has rights of ownership.

In the same way that a property manager looks after properties, Earnslaw Goodlight only ever operates in a managerial capacity.

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A Trust Account In Your Name

We use NZX Wealth as a specialist provider of investment administrations services. Through using them for investment administration;

  • An account is established in your name and the funds are held in Trust for you.
  • You retain beneficial ownership at all time
  • If Earnslaw Goodlight were to get into financial difficulty, your investments are still safe.

NZX Wealth administer in excess of $30bn of funds and is one of the most trusted administrators of investments in New Zealand.

Zero Conflict Of Interest

When things go wrong, it's often because a fund manager has made a poor investment and the investors’ money is worth less than the original investment. In an effort to recoup losses, managers will often make even riskier decisions to get the investment back. In the case of Earnslaw Goodlight;

  • Earnslaw Goodlight is 100% independent, and we are measured purely by our returns.
  • We don’t operate any funds ourselves, so there is no Conflict of Interest
  • Due to our independence, we are always able to move with the market
Total Visibility - All The Time

Within 24 hours of crediting funds to your Trust account, your funds are visible via the Client Portal. At anytime, anywhere in the world, you can see where your funds are invested and what the value of those investments are.

Visibility is 100%.

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Financial Advice Disclosure

Earnslaw Goodlight Profinance Ltd trading as Earnslaw Goodlight holds a licence issued by the Financial Markets Authority to provide Financial Advice.
Our Financial Services Provider Number is FSP755052).

Earnslaw Goodlight provides advice to our clients about investments and wealth management.
We provide financial advice about products from a large range of providers.