The Goodlight Project

Through using the power of Earnslaw Goodlight the Goodlight Project works with NZ Families to break the poverty cycle and help them into home ownership. We have a bias towards women and children. In doing so, we create better societys and communities.

What's The Problem?

The cycle of Poverty has at is core, a set inter-related components being education, earning capacity, rent/savings trap, wealth and health. These are the chains of Poverty and lead to poor social outcomes. It sees people from poorer backgrounds over represented in negative social statistics. Those people are also neighbors and our community.

What We Do About It

For every $75million of funds that we hold under management, we assist a family into the ownership of their own home.

How It Works

Through our referral sources we receive notification of who they think would be suitable candidates. These will generally be families with a bias towards women and children who they recognise are good people, working to better themselves, but without help will not be able to be home owners.


Part A - The Customer

The customer rents the home from the Goodlight Project at 80% of normal market rent. This rent is held in a trust account to accrue and becomes their deposit.

Part B - The Goodlight Project

While the customer saves their deposit, at our cost we pay for the mortgage on their home.

Then when they have saved the 20% deposit and have proved they are ready for home ownership, they purchase their home from the Goodlight Project at original cost.


Whats the point?

After a storm, a man walks down the beach in the early morning to find the beach littered with starfish as far as the eye can see in both directions.
In the distance, he notices a boy approaching. As the boy comes closer, the man sees the boy occasionally bending down to pick up something and throw it back into the sea.
As the boy comes closer, the man asks the boy what is he doing.? The boy replies, “can’t you tell, I’m putting the starfish back in the ocean. If the sun gets too high, they will die unless I get them back in the water. “
The man replies, “but there's tens of thousands on this beach – you won't
make a difference.”
The boy bends down and picks up another starfish, puts it back in the
water, and says, “I did to that one.”

Adapted from The Star Thrower by Loren Eisely

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