The Power Of Independence

In a world where Wealth Managers provide their own in house funds, a natural conflict of interest arises, that investors will often not see. That is, a Baker will always sell you his bread first, even if the bread at the baker down the road is superior.

At Earnslaw Goodlight to ensure we provide the best returns for you, we do not provide our own funds. Instead, to service our customers best interests, all the time, we chose to remain independent. This allow us to continually align performance next to our customers needs.

How imporant is this?

What, if you gave your grandchildren $5,000 when they turned 18. Telling them it is for their retirement at 67, you ask that they place it in a good fund. The image below shows how small changes in returns have big impacts over time.

We are constantly watching the performance of our shares and funds – we want the best outcome for you.


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