Understanding Kiwisaver

For many New Zealanders, after purchasing their home, Kiwisaver will be the thing that has the second biggest financial impact in their lives.

However, for many New Zealanders, they are unaware of how powerful it is and the impact it can have on their lives. This is especially the case for the under 30’s and you will hear many in this age bracket, say “I don’t know who my provider is.”

Kiwisaver works on 3 principles;

  • If you haven't got it, you won't spend it.
  • Small, consistent deposits over time add up.
  • And then you let the 8th wonder of the world, compounding interest go to work and make your savings large.

But, also there are a lot of Kiwisaver providers, providing ordinary returns. If you really want to put sunshine in your retirement years, then its vital you get with a good provider.

Consider a Kiwi tradesman who starts work at 18 on $40,000 per year and puts 3% of his salary into Kiwisaver;

  • At an 8% return, his Kiwisaver will be worth $1.728m at retirement.
  • At a 10% return, his funds will be worth $3.426m at retirement.
  • And at a 12% return, his funds will be worth $6.935m at retirement.

So you can see, that who you align your Kiwisaver to has a big impact on you – and in most cases it takes less than 10 minutes to change providers.

And if you want to understand the calculations that could change your life, you can download the Excel spreadsheet here

The Good News

To provide high-performing Kiwisaver funds to our customers, we partnered with NZ Based Pathfinder. And as of 24th March 2022, we are seeing returns since the inception of

Conservative Fund  -  4.92%

Balanced Funs  -  9.92%

Growth Fund  -  15.40%

If you would like to change from your current Kiwisaver Provider or Sign Up to Pathfinder funds, you can do that here

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